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How to make changes to your plugin.

How to create Dynamic Title?

With this feature you can create dynamic title for each post. Below we’ve shared how. You need to use %keyword% to get the keyword for that specific post. For an example: If your automation keyword are: Bikes for Kids & Coffee Machines (Make sure to use comma separated keywords only) The you can create a …

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How to Limit Product Data to Fetch?

We’ve a setting for this as well in our setting section. Follow the setups to limit the fetching products: Go to the Setting page Additional Setting section Enter number of products to fetch. Note: You cannot enter more than 10, possibly plugin won’t fetch product data for some or all keywords. 

How to setup Amazon Affiliate Tag?

Simply go to the AffDesk’s Setting Page and follow the setups: Go to the Setting Page Additional Setting Section Enter “Your Amazon Affiliate Tag” save it and you’re good to go. Note: Enter your tag with (?) in the starting.  

How to configure ProxyCrawler API?

After successfully installing and activating the plugin the first thing you need to do is enter your ProxyCrawler Crawler API which you can get it from your ProxyCrawler account. Follow these setups:  Sign-up for ProxyCrawler API, here! Then go to the Dashboard > Menu > Crawler API In the documentation section you can see 2 …

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How to Install the plugin?

Download the plugin from your account and upload it to your wordpress, follow these below setups: Go to the plugins > add new. Upload the zip file and activate it. After activating enter you license key and activate the plugin. Once you enter the valid license key the plugin will be activated and ready to …

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