True Automation Plugin

Add keywords, create dynamic content template, and forget about it!

Keyword Base Automation

The plugin just need keywords to work. You can enter multiple keywords at once and literally forget about the site.

Dynamic Title & Content

With our Plugin you can create dynamic title & content template which makes it very unique for every automated posts.

Without Product API

Our plugin doesn't require Amazon Product API to scrape data, we integrated 3rd party crawler API to scrape data.

Post Category

You can select post category for the automated articles it will be automatically added to that post category.

Post Status

You can select post status for the automated articles, you can keep it published or drafted after complete.

Automation Status

On the automation tab you can see which automation is still running, and keep a track of your automations.

Easy Interface

You don't need to be a geek or pro to setup the automation, it's easy, user-friendly and fully documented.

WordPress API

Plugin is built with WordPress API and uses its core features to run on, which makes the plugin more WP friendly.

Beautiful Shortcodes

Plugin has own shortcodes to give you beautiful output, we make sure about the responsiveness!

Get yourself some rest, let this plugin do the rest!